Concertex to display new performance fabrics online at NeoCon07

Concertex is set up to display the latest performance fabrics online at NeoCon 2020. Concertex will have to introduce the digital capability of the brand to merge the coating structure with textile sensitivity.

The captivating color combinations of leading textile companies and new high-performance textiles will surely be a rolling stop at NeoCon that is digital this year. The featured products include Warp, a digital print vinyl that is digitally printed with the gentle ombre stripe and the new products of Tekexom, Apex, Parallel and Flux. Tekloom is a groundbreaking technology, chemical link is woven with the durable components of coated fabrics to create a new fabric, merge

. According to the press release of Concertex, in accordance with the strict demands of all areas with high traffic. New textile fabrics and coatings are available in shades of warm and cool evergreen trees, crisp orange tones and fresh mint colors.

The products offered also include bright colors, a bowl as well as a variety of cool, confident navy shades, and spectacular neutral beauties.

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